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I have made many graphics that are available for use on webpages. I have button sets, web page sets with template pages included and some tile backgrounds. I have spent many hours working on them so I hope you enjoy them!

Please read my Terms of Use before downloading anything from this site. By downloading my graphics, you are agreeing to my terms. Click on the links below to see what I have available. New stuff is being added all the time!

My graphics are linkware, meaning that you are free to use them on your personal web page. The catch is that you have to put a link back to me (that's not so awful is it?).



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Paste this HTML code into your webpage. Substitute the name of the graphic for the one in this code.

<a href="http://graphics_by_mindy.tripod.com/>
<img src="graphic.gif">
Paste this code if you are using a text link.

<a href="http://graphics_by_mindy.tripod.com>
Graphics courtesy of Graphics by Mindy</a>

Please email me with the URL where my graphics are used. I'd love to add your link to my page of sites that feature my graphics!

Updated March 25, 2002